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Chapter one: an ordinary day gone wrong

Chapter one: an ordinary day gone wrong
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So we start the story in the mushroom kingdom, as usual Peach is being kidnapped and Mario (surprisingly Luigi tags along) is bounding to the castle to save her, but somethings not right.

Toad Guard: Thank the stars, it's Mario........and his brother.

Luigi falls on his face

Mario: What's the problem?

Toad Guard: The princess has been captured!!!

Luigi: (How many times is this? You'd think they'd buff up the security.)Oh-No!

Mario: Which way were they headed?

Toad Guard: Forever Forest!

Mario: Lets-a-go!

So the Mario brothers head towards the forest, they notice a lot of footprints in the dirt one of which they realized belonged to "Bowser".They head on in deeper into the forest. They come to a clearing and they see Bowser and Bowser jr.

Bowser jr.: Dad, come on, get up it was only a fluke, they can't beat the mighty Bowser.

Bowser: It's no use, they easily defeated my minions and I got my shell handed to me!

Mario: Hello King Bowser!

Bowser: (Gah it's Mario I can't let him see me like this I have a reputation to uphold) Gwahahaha ha like I said jr. by throwing the fight i'll be able to follow them to their hideout, rekidnap the princess, take their treasure, and spread fear to those weaklings! Oh it's Mario and Green stache! We were following the goons who kidnaped Peach.

Mario: Hmmmm? You didn't kidnap Peach?

Bowser: Well I was on my way to but someone beat me to it.

Suddenly a Toad runs up to Mario in a frenzied huff.

Toad: Mario,*wheeze*Daisy and the*huff*star spirits have been captured!!!!

Luigi: Moma-mia!

Mario; Whats going on around here?!

End of chapter one.

Long live creativity!